Taxi magaluf palma

Taxi magaluf palma

Легкая форма бронирования в 2 этапа. The remaining 10 nights slept like the dead. Distance and travel times are only indicative between origin and destination points. On the way to Formentor we drove to the bay of Sa Calobra by the famous road - tie, afraid to go because of the reviews, but not really scary, the bay is nice, but there was a storm and muddy water, and we did not understand where the beach, admired and left.

Rested at this hotel in late August I liked the close location of Magaluf from Palma de Mallorca, the transfer went unnoticed, and took a taxi to Palma for euros. There is a bus, but waiting for the heat for 30 minutes. I also liked the location of the hotel in Magaluf: on the one hand close to all entertainment, but at the same time, the hotel is in a secluded place, the noise of the party is not so audible.

We wanted spectacles - we go to the main street, tired - we go to the hotel, there is a very cozy cafe on the beach, and no one interferes. They expected the worst from Magaluf, according to the reviews, they were just terrified of what was going on there, but in fact there was nothing terrible, English and German teenagers in themed costumes had fun - they celebrate their holidays like that.

We found 2 umbrellas at the airport, which were used throughout the holiday, and then left to the next tourists. We practically did not lie on the beach, but sat in the shade in a cafe near the hotel, there are Bulgarian guys working as bartenders, they served us like family. There are great cocktails and delicious food. We even went to the supermarket in Palma Nova and bought shrimp, which were then boiled in a cafe.

Prices for almost all dishes and cocktails are about 10 euros we especially liked the cocktail caipiroshku with fresh strawberries for 7. We went on the breakfast-dinner system, breakfasts were monotonous, nothing changed in 7 days, but dinners pleased - very tasty cuisine, daily pampered with new delicious dishes, fruit - watermelon, melon, pineapple, peaches, pears, apples, grapes , kiwi.

They rented cars for 3 days: a Fiat Panda cost 50 euros a day, a dacha - Gasoline 1. Cars you take and rent without gasoline, which is not very convenient, because while finding a gas station, thought to push will have to , but just followed the shuttles with the musicians, played classical music and then swept all comers 20 meters to the exit.

We went to Cape Formentor and Formentor beach - we liked it, Valdemossa passed, looked from the side, did not go to the monastery, because we are with children, and the heat was great. On the way to Formentor we drove to the bay of Sa Calobra by the famous road - tie, afraid to go because of the reviews, but not really scary, the bay is nice, but there was a storm and muddy water, and we did not understand where the beach, admired and left. Admission - 19 euros for adults and 15 children.

I recommend to everyone! In the street shops - China, went to Palma in Porto Pi and Festival Park - did not like - all almost the same as we have manga, stars, birches, etc. In general, I liked Mallorca, but without much enthusiasm, the second time, probably, we will not go.


I liked that we Slavs are very happy there, apparently they are tired of Anglo-German minors A lot of Russian-speaking staff - in almost all shops, cafes, hotels, Kathmandu, too, a Russian girl served us. No questions yet. Ask a question about the hotel to experts and get answers in the next few hours. Ask a Question. Open map. Soler Railway Rating Dragon Caves Rating 9.

Cape Formentor Rating 9. Nature, Streets, squares, viewpoints. Location Отель в 25 км от аэропорта, в 14 км от центра г.

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Пальма, в м от центра туристической зоны Магалуф, на первой линии. Description of the beach Муниципальный песчаный, спуск к пляжу по ступеням. Пляжные полотенца — депозит; зонтики, шезлонги — платно. Размеры пляжа впечатляют: метров длинной и 60 метров шириной.

If you reject the shuttle bus booking 24 hours before the travel, you will be recompensed money in full. Find a shuttle. No hay autobuses hasta el destino. Не удалось найти билеты на автобус по выбранному направлению.

Вы можете забронировать индивидуальный автомобильный трансфер, чтобы добраться до города или в аэропорт с большим комфортом. Traslados en minibuses confortables Ver precios.

Landing and Taxi at Palma de Mallorca Airport, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain - 20 July, 2019

Comentarios de los clientes Kiwitaxi. Palma - Palma de Mallorca Airport Wirklich super Service. Gut organisiert, Handynummer des Fahrers per Sms bekannt gegeben.

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