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Rox royal hotel

Bought, drink and do not understand. Чтобы найти эти туры воспользуйтесь поиском на этот месяц. Об этом объекте размещения Ближайший аэропорт Аэропорт Анталья Расстояние до аэропорта Салон красоты.


Парк развлечений в горной местности: зиплайн, сафари в каньоне, водопады и места для купания. Gelidonya Restaurant. Sky Point Kemer. Kebap Evi. Lezzet lokantasi. Анталья Аэропорт. Такси 59 мин. Транспорт 2 ч 1 мин. Пешком 12 мин. Пешком 8 мин. Пешком 10 мин. Пешком 11 мин. Средняя оценка в Google. Эта средняя оценка основана только на отзывах, оставленных в Google.

Отзывы из сторонних источников в ней не учитываются. Александра К , 5 месяцев назад.

Rox royal hotel

Плюсы: Красивая, большая территория отеля. Очень интересные детские и взрослые зоны. Шикарный аквапарк. Понравилась анимация в отеле и вечерние конц Пирс и пляж от отеля в целом неплох. Номер убирают довольно посредственно и непредсказуемо по времени.

Сам номер требует ремонта. Особенно санузел. Информация об отеле. Заезд: Astoria Hotel Kemer. Golden Lotus Hotel. Dinara Otel. Emily Rose Hotel. Rich Melissa Hotel. Viking Star Hotel. Жилье для отпуска поблизости.

Турция: популярные гостиницы. Отзывы на других сайтах Tripadvisor. Загрузка карты…. Расположение отеля Этот простой отель расположен в 3 минутах ходьбы от ближайшего пляжа на Средиземном море, в 2 км от трассы D и в 8 км от аквапарка DoluSu. Оценка расположения отеля 4,0.

Очень хорошее расположение для прогулок, посещения ресторанов и осмотра достопримечательностей. Информация об отеле Этот простой отель расположен в 3 минутах ходьбы от ближайшего пляжа на Средиземном море, в 2 км от трассы D и в 8 км от аквапарка DoluSu. Более тщательная уборка. Средства индивидуальной защиты. Физическое дистанцирование.

Обязательное физическое дистанцирование Организация зон общественного пользования с учетом правил физического дистанцирования. Минимальный личный контакт. Между периодами проживания гостей есть буферные интервалы. В гостинице действуют специальные меры по обеспечению здоровья и безопасности постояльцев. Чтобы получить более подробную информацию, обратитесь к представителям гостиницы.

Мы собираем информацию об удобствах в отеле из разных источников. Если вы обнаружите ошибку, сообщите нам об этом. Wi-Fi Бесплатно. Условия оплаты и проживания. Есть тариф "Все включено". На пляже. Игровая комната. Подходит для детей.

Транспорт и парковка. At check-in I had to wipe everything with my wet wipes, because it was already 8 pm. No cleaning. The bed was changed once in 9 nights and she had to be caught and demanded. I changed towels, added everything to the bath and did not clean anything. The floor was not washed even in the bathroom.

He does not understand Russian. Blue clear water. No wonder they have the Blue Flag - an international award for beaches whose water meets high quality standards and is suitable for safe swimming. The water was relatively warm.

You remember a little, you enter and want to leave. Preferably slippers coral. But the people are impenetrable. All barefoot. They writhe, but crawl on the rocks, and in the water they are big and slippery. Sneakers are for sale. The coastline and the width of the beach are very small for such a hotel. All lie close to each other. And this if you manage to take a deck chair. We read about it, but hoped that autumn would be freer.

They hoped in vain. There were scandals. I think that in summer it is very sad with the beach. In the afternoon we did not go to the beach. The sun sets quickly and is uncomfortable. The beach bar has potatoes, burgers and beer. Not all of them. We walked around the city and shops. On Monday and Thursday comes the mobile market, which travels through all the villages of Kemer. On Monday - grocery. On Thursday - real.

Everything is expensive and not interesting. What is their passion for colored powder sultan tea? Bought, drink and do not understand. This year we betrayed ourselves - we went to Turkey, not Egypt, as usual. Next year we will choose Egypt in November. Great hotel, friendly staff, very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere! First time out of the country. I really wanted to have a great vacation.

Everything worked out! The hotel is very good! We arrived at 7 am, we were immediately put on bracelets and we went to breakfast. The check-in was not fast, after 12, but we understand that it is packed with vacationers. Plus, they gave a room with a sea view a gift to the newlyweds , handed a bottle of wine with fruit, gave an invitation to a restaurant it was very nice. The sea is very clean, the pebbles are large, it is better to take suitable shoes with you.

Plenty of food, plenty of alcohol. The staff is very friendly, the animators are great guys, performance in the evenings, games by the pool, everything is great!

The water park is good, you can come with children. I liked everything very much! Of course there are small minuses, but they are so insignificant that they are not worth attention!! Thank you Rox Royal Hotel for a wonderful stay!! Good hotel. We rested 10 days ago. All liked it. Yes, the hotel is not new, we knew it, we saw some shortcomings, but if you are not Olya Freimud, then you will like it. Nice friendly hotel, great staff. The room is good, after partial renovation, towels and toiletries were changed every day.

The air conditioner worked great. There is a safe in the room free! The food is varied, just enough. The pool is very clean. Beach through the transition and a small square. The sea is clean, small-pebble beach, a small pontoon. Everything is great! The hotel is a solid 5-ku, but from the ultra only ice cream. It was our first tour abroad at all. A family of 5 booked two rooms family room and garden room. We knew from the reviews that the hotel is not new, with partial renovation.

The flight, meeting at the airport and transfer are all on the level, thanks to Coral Travel did not disappoint. At the reception quickly issued. Our family room turned out to be quite decent, renovated and clean. There were comments about the garden room, they wanted to change it, but the administrator said that it would not be better now, but only after 3 days and with a surcharge.

But then the children got used to it and refused to replace it, it was just a little worse than the family room. The location of the rooms was towards the backyard and the amphitheater so it was very quiet which is a big plus.

Rooms are cleaned daily, with the replacement of towels and bath accessories. There are always bottles of water in the bar, split systems and air conditioners worked perfectly and constantly. The food is really great.

We have not tried even half of the dishes in 8 days. The kitchen is top notch! Beef, turkey, chicken, lamb daily. Vegetables, fruits, confectionery in abundance. The bars were also great. From alcohol, good local beer, and the rest of the alcohol is local and the degree is somewhat underestimated, but in general it is enough.

I liked the local whisky. But wine of all kinds is a rare muck. Although they open and pour it from factory bottles. I would advise the hotel to make changes to the wine list. The territory of the hotel is large and this is a big plus, there is where to walk and what to do.

The beaches are clean and well-groomed, the sea is fresh milk. But, before the arrival of the Russian brothers, it was not a problem to find a place on the beach at 8. Recently, a friend who stayed at this hotel called me and said that he usually occupied a place at 6.

And as always, when the latter arrive, empty bottles from under the Dyutik drunkard begin to appear on the tables near the rooms, and people with an unsteady gait begin to roam the corridors. There were very few children in the hotel, or we simply did not notice them, at least they did not bother us, with the exception of planes and buses.

An excellent team of animators, as well as constant shows in the amphitheater, Turkish evenings and is a plus. Delicious tortillas at the pool bar is a unique feature of the hotel.

I also cannot fail to mention Zafar aka Zakhar Petrovich , a hotel employee who will surely talk you into going to the hammam for a massage. Minuses: 1. The free a la carte declared on the site for once every 7 days did not correspond to reality, but received guests for 10 bucks per person, which was very upsetting, although we had enough of the main restaurant.

There is a fitness room, it works, it has a lot of exercise equipment, but in order to save money or because this option, free ventilation and air conditioning have always been turned off, and some exercise equipment require replacement or good repair. Considering the ultra status, there was no imported alcohol - and this was a little disappointing. Juices were also paid, only ice cream for free and by the way very tasty.

Perhaps due to quarantine, the pool was closed at Summing up, I ask myself the question: "Would we come here again?

You know, at the hotel we met a woman who came to this hotel for the 10th time and there were quite a few of them. Therefore, despite all the whiners, nauseous, pedants and neat people who deliberately underestimate the hotel, I will put 10, despite the shortcomings, they can be found in the most expensive hotel.

And definitely we would come to Rox Royal more than once, although I would like to try something else for a change. And I would like to wish the administration of Rox Royal to eliminate the shortcomings and always receive decent and worthy guests. Thanks to all. The review is true. Have a nice holiday everyone! This is the most inhospitable and uncomfortable hotel of all the five in which I rested in Turkey, and there is something to compare with: this year, 20 years, as I have been every year, and sometimes twice, at least for a week, but I come here.

The hotel is one large multi-story building with an empty glazed center around which the rooms are located. When you enter the building, you are immediately struck by the terrible heat and closeness. The glass roof gives the effect of a greenhouse. They settled us exactly at At ten minutes to two they said that the room was not yet ready. There is no bar at the reception desk!

To drink water or tea, you need to go to the exit to the pool, and you can generally drink only on the street in the beach area from 10 to However, on the day of our departure, a bar was opened on the -1 floor, but for how long?

The air conditioning in the room is good, but everything else is just awful: stains on the floor; there are no handles on the door to the balcony; the handle in the bathroom hangs on one screw; there are no ceiling lamps on two lamps; black mold in the bathroom; the shell is broken; the furniture was tattered, the ceiling cracked.

The refrigerator is so tiny that, apart from three 0. The pillowcases are all stained. The bed for 9 nights was not changed once.

Кемер 2022. Дорога и заселение в отель Rox Royal. Часть 1

The towels in the bathroom were simply folded, as if they had been changed, but the stains were old. What struck me the most was that the hotel website contained false information. Instead of the declared two courts - one, instead of a private beach - common, beach towels cannot be changed.

On the beach, which they call sand and pebbles on the site, there is no sand at all, only pebbles. Where did they count 7 bars? Hardly found 4.

For half I counted the counter, where they give only water and tea. In the mini-bar rooms promised the presence of water and soft drinks. I only saw water. Well, now about the main thing - the sea. The sea is almost always clean, but because. The pier is not stationary. It consists of plastic buoys fastened together without any protection.

Only one ladder leads to the sea from it, which is always crowded with people. With a slight wave of water, the pier begins to sway and the leg can be squeezed between the buoys. The road to the sea goes past a dirty chicken coop, which for some reason is called a mini-zoo on the website. Waste from the kitchen is poured directly onto the ground.

The stink is terrible, it is impossible to get around. Next to the chicken coop are two dirty, flowering ponds with tadpoles. Chickens and roosters walk right across the territory.

I wonder if the hotel management knows that this is not safe for small children? A rooster can easily peck a child in the eye. But two things struck me the most. Two of my friends lost their bracelets on the second day, my son on the fourth. An excellent way to earn extra money. You can also make paper bracelets. Second, the wine served in this hotel is dangerous to health.

I say this as a professional sommelier. If a person in a bar asked for wine, then he had just arrived. The second time, no one took the risk. If you get a pool view room, be prepared to stay up until I chose this hotel because of the rather large territory, but it turned out that a quarter of it is occupied by a huge football field, which the hotel rents out. Well, the last of the minuses: of all the tables by the pool in the shade, only six.

The rest are in the hot sun. And this is for rooms! It is thanks to the chef that it seems to me that the hotel is not hopeless. Almost all dishes are not just edible, but even tasty, which is a rarity for Turkey. Good hotel, beautiful sea and location of the hotel! To begin with, this is not the first time in this hotel. Now I will explain why.

The pricing policy of these hotels is 2 times higher than in the Rocks Royal, BUT the sea and the view are the same, so why pay more. Yes, these hotels include imported alcoholic drinks, but taking from home or buying duty free is not a big problem.

The sea is the cleanest no wonder the hotel has a blue flag , the view is amazing! Swimming and looking at the mountains. There was something similar in Marmaris, but I liked Kemer more.

Rox royal hotel

The territory of the hotel is good - there is where to walk, sit and relax. Go to the beach for about 2 minutes through the underpass when it was autumn, they opened the door so that you could pass through the road, but now it was closed. On the way to the beach you will pass a mini zoo ducks, chickens.

Rox royal hotel

In the mornings, you can hear the cock singing There were enough sunbeds on the sea at any time of the day, but we were at a time when Russians were still not allowed in large numbers. I think that with their arrival, it will be necessary to get up at sea early. For example, in the fall I did just that, there were a lot of people in the hotel, but getting up in the morning is not at all problematic for me.

Quite a big pool in the evening there are discos and karaoke near it. After lunch, they serve ice cream and Turkish cakes - gozleme sooo delicious. By the way, at the expense of food, it is all delicious.

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I do not agree with the commentators who write that the food is monotonous. It seems that at home no one eats borscht for days, and on vacation everyone becomes a gourmet I have something to compare with, so there is enough of everything here - meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

There are a lot of desserts, different pastries. Local alcohol has become better. The rating of the hotel is 9, as there are some comments about the staff.

They have their own good attitude towards Turkish guests, and to everyone else - at will. Although, everyone understands perfectly. In principle, this is a trifle, but the sediment, as they say, remained. I repeat that only a few guys from the staff do this. The rest are great! Despite the terrifying heat, they are wearing masks, smiling, joking, wishing you bon appetit and it is felt that this is sincere. Separately, I would like to thank the person who stood at the distribution of soups, always smiling, was polite.

Also, a great guy stands on the distribution of cakes and bakery products. In principle, there are many reviews about the hotel. I want to focus on something else. Excursions can be safely taken in the agency on the street.

Rox royal hotel